I am a rabbi. I was ordained in 2006 at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and I served as the rabbi of a synagogue in New York for six years and of a Jewish day school in Milwaukee for four years.

I’m also a Jew. Like many Jews, I’m looking for my place in the world and people with whom to share it. I am fortunate to have the training and experience to create a Jewish life and practice that makes sense for me, and I want to help anyone else looking to walk down that same path.

I’m also a simple human being. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I’m a father of two, I love sports, I’m passionate about politics, and I enjoy most puzzles and games. Most simply, I want to do my part, as cliché as it sounds, to make this world a better place.

I founded The Spark Wisconsin because of one fundamental belief: that deep within each of us lies a religious spark waiting to be ignited and, once ignited, will help fill our lives with meaning and purpose. The Spark Wisconsin understands you and works with you to create unforgettable Jewish experiences designed to ignite your and your family’s personal Jewish spark. The Spark Wisconsin experience provides Jewish connection and community that is specifically relevant to your life.

If you are like many Jews across Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or the United States, then you might feel like you haven’t learned enough or don’t know enough to be “good” Jews. Let me assure you that that is not the case. Everyone is an expert on Judaism, born of your experiences in your life. The Spark Wisconsin brings together people just like you, meeting you where you are, no matter what your Jewish background or knowledge is. There is no denomination, no judgment, and no set way to be Jewish.

Whatever your particular wants and needs are, The Spark Wisconsin works with you to craft your own unique — and uniquely Jewish — experiences. Imagine fun family Shabbat services and dinners or creative holiday celebrations, inspiring life-cycle events or community service activities… or maybe you just want to learn more about being Jewish. The Spark Wisconsin will help you activate your own Jewish energy with transformative Jewish programs that are authentic for you and that make Judaism come alive.

Rabbi Moishe Steigmann

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